Manifest Dance-Film Incubator #2

Open Call for dance-film projects

The ‘incubator’ is an experimental cross-media initiative that combines features of arts residencies and film labs to explore the bi-lingual medium of ‘dance-films”. The second edition is supported by a grant from the IFA, (India Foundation for the Arts). A total of 3 applications will be selected for incubation from idea to exhibition stage.

The kinetics of waste 

In the shadow of ‘consumerism’ lies that-which-cannot-be-consumed. The vocabulary of growth and consumption has historically overlooked this shadow. The chain of demand-production-consumption generates a parallel growth of the “non-consumable”.

In India, the urb and its margins, are marked by the overflow of all that-cannot-be-consumed or “waste”. This ‘spillage’ is an ever-present signifier of the disbalances of metropolitan capital. It is in the ‘post-colonial’ space that global excess cannot be contained, cannot be concealed.

It is in the “third” world, that “waste” emerges visibly from the shadow. It is this space that feels its greatest impact.

As artists from this world, we invite fellow movement and film artists to collaboratively re-imagine ways in which we think of this inevitable fact (and silence) of urban Indian daily life. 

“Waste” can be the entry point into multiple forms of discourse and we welcome unconventional routes and areas of exploration. Ideas that emphasise the trajectory and movement of “waste”, that examine the traffic and patterns of its generation, the ‘ethics’ of its disposal are solicited. Global contexts, cultural patterns and silences are examples of entry points. Segregation at source, conscious consumption, re-cycling and upcycling are possible solutions.

This is also an opportunity to create a new language for Indian movement arts in junction with ‘film” while reflecting on a contemporary urban narrative.

The incubator will offer basic production support* as well as maintenance for the duration of the residency. The final outcome will be dance-films on “Waste” between 4- 7 minutes each.

The entire duration of the project will be 8 weeks in a blended offline-online mode extending from early January ’23 to mid-March . We welcome artists to stay and work in Auroville/Pondicherry and engage meaningfully with communal innovations in sustainable living.

Please read the Rules and Regulations before applying.

Open Call for submission of projects – SUBMIT HERE

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* production-specific costs extra- email for details