Special Jury Mention Award – Mumbai International Film Festival, India, 2022

Best Film – Cinemistica , Spain, 2021

Kolkata International Film Festival, India, 2021

SIGNS, India, 2021

Fine Arts Film Festival, USA, 2021

Royal Anthropological Institute RAI Film Festival, UK, 2021

This film documents Sonam Shering Lepcha’s museum of Lepcha cultural artefacts and oral repertoire of self-composed Lepcha songs as key factors in the Lepcha community’s race against ‘modernity’ and ‘globalisation’.  

KATHAK 2.0 (2019)

The advent of AI and ‘multi-planetary’ life signals our digital future.  One possibility is  dystopian. The other says- a new creation awaits. The beautiful, the lyrical and the magical all wait to be created anew. 


(Premiered at Horizon Series, ICCR, Kolkata) – watch here

New Performance Grant – India Foundation for the Arts / HCL Concert Support – India Habitat Center / Festival of New Choreography – SNA (DELHI)

Surpanakha combines Kathak, monologues, live and recorded video and cross-genre music to present multiple versions of the Surpanakha episode in the Ramayana.  The original script is based on the many Ramayana narratives across the world. The rhythm of the spoken word, the image and percussive rhythms are interwoven in new ways. 

CITY (2011)

(Premiered at Goethe Institut, New Delhi) –watch here

City was devised with Thangta performers around urban street scenes like  street fights, street football and street drunkenness. Intercut with solos focussing on personal impressions of ‘the city’, the idiom flowed between ‘lok dharmi’ and ‘natya dharmi’ or ‘daily’ and ‘extra-daily’ movement. This work featured live and recorded Indian and European classical music.  


‘Elegy’ connects the classical ‘viraha’ rasa with contemporary notions of memory.